Corey Garrison

My It Works! Journey

Welcome to my page! I want to start off by thanking you for finding my site and more importantly allow me to share my story with you. My It Works! journey started in February of 2013. I joined It Works! because I wanted to make some extra money, as a full time employee and a full time student I couldn’t commit to picking up another job.

My goals for this business were quite modest in retrospect. I started and my only goal was to make about $300-$600 extra per month. Just enough to cover my monthly gas and have some date night cash. I gave myself to the end of that year to make this happen. At the time I joined I was in a bit of a financial rut. Money was coming in to pay the bills, rent, etc but I wasn’t able to build a savings account. I also wasn’t able to put a dent in my debt, which totaled around $10,000. I needed a way out to reach my financial goals of being debt free and being a home owner. 82 days after deciding to join and become a distributor with this crazy wrap thing I was able to achieve Diamond executive and I hit my $10k bonus. In those same 82 days I went from having $10k in debt to being completely debt FREE! My 2 year plan turned into a 2 month plan.

Riding high on my own success, I was able to take others along on the journey with me. I continued with my steps to success and showed others how to complete them I was able to help 4 people reach the level of Diamond and help them achieve their $10k bonuses as well. I also continued to promote reaching Triple Diamond in July of 2013 just 5 months into my business I accomplished something that was suppose to take years. I was earning an average monthly income of over $10k a month. Yes that’s right you read it right over $10k a month!

Now it’s your turn, I’m always looking for motivated like-minded people who want to be debt free and own their time. I’m looking for people who want to be mentored and taught the same simple yet effective steps I learned that changed my life. I want to give you that gift. I want you to join my team and together we will accomplish great things and help out others along the way. Together we can change lives. But it starts with changing yours. Click the link below to start your journey to health and wealth. Invest in yourself and live the dream you’ve always dreamed about!

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